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I was driving most of today, and then I was chasing snowy owls around a tiny island – didn’t catch any.  Though I got to see a few of these guys loafing around….


Must be nice.  I am home now after 6ish hours in the car and I am eager to get this submitted for your approval.

Back in the early 90’s, I sometimes liberated my father’s small powerboat at night and took joy rides with friends.  We’d cruise the local beach club summer dances and see if any eager ladies wanted to go for a night cruise.  These attempts at glory failed on a number of levels…so more often than not it was me and my cronies in the middle of the Long Island sound just listening to Nirvana and watching the tug boats go by…occasionally speeding by them and jumping the wake for some air.  Yep, rebels.

I remember one night, after probably another failed attempt at luring strangers on a boat in the hopes for a kiss by the end of the night from one of them – there we all were sitting around listening to the same music with the same crew…as the Captain…it was my decision when we would return to the dock and call it a night.  This particular night I remember because I refused to turn the boat engine back on until two of my passengers kissed.  See, I knew the boy liked the girl…and I knew the girl was feigning disgust…so I thought it was time for everyone to act like adults and I told them they either kissed, or we’d be floating out here all night.  I may have even pretended the engine wouldn’t start…alarming a few of the passengers.  I got my wish.  We returned to port.  They never really ended up going “steady” after all…though I look back on this night fondly, high school sweethearts…at least in my buddy’s eyes.

Twenty four years ago today my friend Michael died tragically at home, two days before Christmas.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  Six months later a young Laura – whom Michael had stolen a kiss from just the summer before while drifting that night on the Long Island Sound – was killed in a car accident.

I have always found solace in knowing they are together…and likely she is still rebuffing his advances.

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