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Forty is for the Birds   1 comment



Today and tomorrow are beginning to drag on me.  I think it might have something to do with my impending birthday.  Not just any birthday, of course.  This one has teeth and will definitely leave a mark.  Forty is no age for me.  I enjoyed my “thirtysomething” years for a while.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I enjoyed the latter half of my thirtysomething years for sure.

Now I feel like tomorrow I am going to be an old man, the kind of age I never looked forward to.  I guess I never looked forward to turning thirty, come to think of it, so this is just…slightly worse.

My better half has endured more grief and heartache at my hands during my thirtysomething years to last her a lifetime.  I have no intention of putting her through that once more.  So I guess in a sense I can look forward to tomorrow as there has been a kind of “do-over” I was blessed with, an opportunity to make right what had been so wrong, and certainly things have now become exponentially better for us both.

Sure there are bills to pay, but at least I am now contributing to those payments.  There are still disagreements, but I am no longer the root cause of them.  Instead of wondering where I am, or if I am okay, I would like to think the wife no longer has these daily concerns.  I can be trusted with cash, and to drive without risk of killing others or myself.  What a concept!  I have built relationships that I would never have dreamed of having in my previous iteration.  The places we have gone, the things we have done…and to think, I almost lost it all.

I think it may be easy, especially for the folks in my boat, to forget the bad old days and risk repeating them.  I write this blog for exactly that reason.  I say now that I will never forget…but I say this to you too.  Don’t ever let me forget where I came from, and where I am going.  Forty will never have looked as good once I am done with it.


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