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I have dear friends, a married couple, who are going through a very tough time right now.  And I don’t do facebook.  So what are my options, really?  I dropped my $500-a-visit shrink months ago, so now this is all I’ve got.


I think to myself how can I be helpful, caring, what is it that I can provide to offer some support.  My short answer is, I don’t think much at all.  The one thing I think I am good at is talking…I can talk forever.  But that only helps me really.  I also get these motivational texts, everyday, from a certain place I visited once for an extended period.  No, it was not prison.  Imagine if prisons sent motivational, uplifting texts to all their former inmates, how many fewer crimes there would be?  Let’s say I am walking down the street, I am out on parole, and I need cash.  I think to myself, I might as well rob the next store I come across, it’s all I know.  Then BAM, I get a text message from Sing Sing: “All is not lost, turn the other cheek, wasn’t prison terrible?!?”  Now, I say to myself, I shouldn’t rob this place, I should get a job!  Yeah, I think prisons should be sending the kind of texts I am getting daily from a certain place that wasn’t prison.


I can forward all the motivational texts I want to my friends in need, I am not sure it will help.  It certainly won’t help if they are on a limited text message data plan, that much I know.  So maybe I will email my motivational text messages instead, that way at least I am not costing my friends in need any money.  Unless of course, with their limited data plans, they are checking emails with their cell phones, in which case I am still costing them money.  So maybe I will just keep these stupid messages to myself, and I will tell them in person, after I give each of them a hug, because at the end of the day maybe that’s the best, most meaningful thing I can give them.



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Pennsylvania Avenue   1 comment

Have you ever stepped foot inside the Oval Office?  Well, I just did…more on that later.

More importantly, last weekend the wife was set to run in the 39th Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C., with a set goal of finishing in under 4 hours.  She ran the NYC marathon a couple years ago in 4:19.  So under four hours this time would be a lofty,but achievable, goal.  She has been training very hard.

Here she comes now to the start of the race…

No wait, here she is at the start….

2014-10-26 07.54.04

We needed her to finish pretty much in under 4 hours anyway, lofty goal or otherwise, cuz we had a date at the White House very soon after her 4 hour finish time.  Thankfully our hotel was right across the street…


Things looked good as I tracked her progress online…here she goes with less than a mile to go…

As you can see below…or even if you can’t see, she finished in 3:43…that’s three hours and forty three minutes…a little bit faster than four hours.   🙂



So her race was finished…and the Marine Corps Band played on…

DSC01229 (2)

We took this picture, showcasing her “FLAVOR FLAV” finishers medal, then hustled to a cab so we could race back to our hotel a few miles away.

There are, to my knowledge, two types of tours at the White House.  The general tour, open to the public, that shows you the East Wing, that includes the East Room, the Blue Room, the China Room, and the State Dining Room.  Then there is the West Wing tour, that is not open to the public.  You need to know a White House staffer willing to take you on the tour of the West Wing themselves, on their time off.  This tour includes the Cabinet Room, the Roosevelt Room, the Mess Hall, the Rose Garden, the Press Room, and of course, the Oval Office.

For future reference, I do not plan on being the one asking the questions…I plan on being the one answering them.

DSC01234 (2)

DSC01233 (2)

The above is the White House Press Briefing Room, she looks pretty good for having just finished her fastest marathon EVER…and below is the entrance to the West Wing.


There are no pictures allowed in or near the Oval Office…and although I appreciate a good risqué shot here or there, I was not about to risk my freedom or my life for such a picture.  You will just have to trust me that the room is indeed oval in shape, that’s not just a rumor, and it is bright and beautiful.

We then took a trip to the top of the Washington Monument…and on our way there we came across this guy…

Then while at the top, took this shot…can you make out the face in the dirt?  Some artist took it upon himself to draw a face in the biggest sandbox I’ve ever seen…

DSC01293 (2)

And because the President knows how much of a chocoholic I am…I got these two parting gifts from our tour of the West Wing…can’t buy these at Shoprite…


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