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This weekend I was invited to an annual dinner of a fraternal organization I was a member of for many years.  We all volunteered our lives for our fellow neighbors together.  I had not been to one of these annual dinners in many years.  I had moved out of town, and was not active with this organization in some time.  So seeing some of these brothers in arms for the first time in years was going to be fun for me.

I wasn’t at the event for more than 5 minutes before the shocked reactions of some of my long time compatriots started rolling in.  I say shock because my appearance has changed a little over the years since I’d moved away.  I’d like to think for the better.  I was paid two compliments a few minutes apart.  Let me know if these two phrases are compliments or not: “Holy Shit (enter my name here)! What do you weigh, ten pounds?!?”  Next: “Holy Shit (enter my name here)! I thought you would have died of liver cancer years ago!?!”

I laughed at both.  And took both as a compliment, as I indeed am trying to get my weight down (not to ten pounds, but close), and am trying to avoid liver cancer altogether.

The night was great for me.  Not a lot has changed with this group.  I could easily move back, rejoin my crew, and not much would be different.  One difference however, I was not invited as a former member of the organization, but as a “Dignitary’s Aide,” whatever that is.  It more or less meant I am moving up in the world, or so I like to think.

Anyway, back to my neighbor’s barking dogs.  I am at a crossroads.  I am trying to get myself on a ballot in 2015.  If I raise too much noise over her dogs, it could backfire, or at least impede, on my attempt at garnering votes from these fine folks I call neighbors.  I was a dog owner here, and my dog barked.  I like to think she barked a lot.  And she had a nice big loud deep bark, like the kind of bark you hear, and think to yourself, I hope that dog is chained up or behind a big wall…

So I guess I should cut my neighbor some slack…maybe she will vote for me.  Doubtful though, we have already voiced our differences to each other over the years, let’s just say we don’t invite one another over for tea, ever.

So I just got back from a 40 mile bike ride where I almost got left behind because I don’t weigh ten pounds like all the other riders do.  One can hope.

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