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Paris…a City to Love   Leave a comment

Okay, so I ripped that line from a movie…sorta (more on that later).  But here’s the deal.  My butt is killing me, I’m home alone, I’m super fidgety, and I’m home alone.  I already said that.  I woke up this morning at 5:30 to drive 2 hours into the sticks of Connecticut to race my bike 44 miles, and in those 44 miles, climb 4000 feet.  Not 40, or 400.  Four thousand feet of climbing.  To be honest…I have climbed 13,000 feet in one ride…that was Italy two years ago, and I was young and, well, young then.  Italy was also not a race…at least not for me…some of the 7000 other riders were racing, I was just happy to finish.  But back to today’s event.  Last time I raced was last year, and it was an 80 mile race.  6000 feet of climbing.  I got to mile 72 before someone crashed in front of me at 30MPH, and I had nowhere to go but onto the pavement.  This year I was so nervous about crashing that I almost didn’t go this morning.  I was all nerves.  I stayed in the front of the race for most of the time.  Me and 50 other guys.  We got to the last 2 miles of the race….all up hill, and steep.  That is why my butt is killing me.  I cramped, and did not finish well.  But all the adrenaline of racing is why I am typing now.  There was a crash, I saw it…two guys went down.  I managed to avoid it.  I hope they are okay.  There were times on the downhill sections we were going 50MPH…I hoped for the best, because at that speed you have zero ability to avoid a crash if it happens.

Did I tell you I was hit by a truck last month?  Or rather, in June.  I was riding in my weekly group ride with about 20 other riders, and an angry truck driver (aren’t they all angry?) came by too close to us, and I got hit by his trailer.  I was okay, bruises and whatnot.  But my bike was wrecked.  His insurance is supposed to replace it, soon I hope.

Soon after I got mauled by a truck, the wife and I went to Paris.  Never been to France.  But wow.  We even got lie flat seats for the trip across the pond.  Wow again.  We have never spent so much on food ever, but it was worth every yo-yo…or is it euro?  We enjoyed many amuse bouche’s.  Another thing happened while we were there, The Tour de France was coming through town…or rather, it was finishing in Paris while we were going to be there.  So much fun.  I know it seems like here is where I would write all about our trip, but I am still in pain from today’s race and cannot think straight.  I will leave you with a picture of the car I drove in Paris…

DSC00949 DSC00953


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