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It’s been way too long.  I guess I just haven’t felt there was much to say.  Or I am too lazy to sign onto this website and type.  I think it’s a bit of both.  I know for me, I always feel better after writing, and so I guess that’s why I am posting now, cuz I feel like I need to feel a bit better.

Today I was part of an event in my adopted City.  It’s called a bicycle race.  I race bikes, I win bike races, I crash bikes, I’ve done it all.  But right now, I quite literally can’t walk.  I’ve been on my feet for 18 hours today, helping to put on a race of over 400 cyclists in a very short span.  Set-up, breakdown, and everything in between.  The race was a charity event, all proceeds going to a very worthy cause, the NCADD.  You can google it if you don’t know.

So I was lying in bed while the wife works on a Sunday, which is total BS to begin with, but the fringe benefits are okay (glances at his horse bit loafers, smiles).  Anyway, my hamstring muscle had just cramped for the umpteenth time, and I was in such pain, I had to get up out of bed, and hobble to the den, put my weary legs up, and turn on one of my favorite movies that my wife hates, and I can only watch while she is not here…National Treasure!

I am sitting here also waiting for the 10 O’clock local news to come on, as I have been emailing the news anchor the footage of today’s race, and she promised to air it tonight.  She better spell my name right.

But I am still down.  Even after helping to raise thousands of dollars today, and raising awareness for a good cause, and bringing local politicians and news outlets to the city, I was and am still not feeling okay.    I have a friend, a dear friend, who just lost her father.  Her mother is already in heaven, with my mom (whose Birthday was yesterday – Go Geminis!), and now her father joins them.  It’s terribly sad.  On so many levels.  There is so little friends can do for one another when we lose our parents.  I can pray for her and her family, of course, and I have,  and continue to do so.  I can pay my respects, which I plan to do as well.  But beyond that, I just wish there was more I could do.

This happens to be at a time while my own father sits in a hospital bed in NYC.  He had hip replacement surgery early this week, it was successful, but he is not well.  I am certainly in no condition to see him tonight.  I also wish he were in better health.  I spoke with him earlier today.  He knew who I was, but didn’t know where he was.  He thought he was home.  I need to appreciate what I have more than I do.  I am sure I am not alone in this feeling, we could probably all appreciate more.  But I have a blog where I can say things like this…do you?  🙂

So, in another 15 minutes, I better see my race on the news, and if not…well…let’s hope we don’t have to go there.

To my friend, my thoughts and prayers are what I offer you now, and a hug, soon.


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  1. My thoughts exactly.
    Did she see this?

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