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Could you believe I came across a real live petting zoo right there on Mamaroneck Ave yesterday?  There I was minding my own business, cycling along just trying to wrap up a year’s worth of cycling and hitting my 5,000 mile mark for 2013 (mission accomplished), when all of a sudden I see a van parked in front of a flower shop.  This was no ordinary sketchy white windowless van you warn your kids to stay away from…this van held precious, Noah’s Ark-esque cargo…in fact, the name on the van was Two-By-Two Party rentals, meaning, the animals, two by two, just like the ark.

I am cursing myself for not snapping action shots of the minimum wage high school age employees unloading this precious cargo from the rear of the 2×2 van, but there were snakes, two tiny midget goats, a hamster/rat, an alligator, a tortoise, an overfed bunny rabbit, and….drum roll….a Wallaby.  It was cute, hip hopping around like a circus clown.

So my fortuitous bike ride was more than just a jaunt on an unusually warm winter day, it was to reach my goal of riding 5,000 miles this year, and on top of that, and certainly more importantly, to celebrate my sixth (6th) wedding anniversary.  Now some of you may remember last week’s post about my anniversary of meeting my then-elusive wife, but that was just an anniversary of meeting her, now we have this whole day of our wedding anniversary…and those of you that know us even a little bit, may know that we have another anniversary in September, cuz we did this whole thing twice.  BTW, my wife is convinced we have not known each other for nine years.  She is just in denial.  It will pass.

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