Red Bird Blue Bird   2 comments

Would it be weird if I pulled over on the side of the road while driving to work to take a picture of a bird on a street lamp?



Here’s a better look at this fellow.



I think it’s a red-tailed hawk.  (S)he was chillin just watching traffic.  I had to stop as it was something I have never seen before…not the hawk, but a hawk on a light pole/lamppost.

If you have been following me since the beginning, you will remember my encounter with a Bald Eagle HERE.

Finally, I am on Twitter, my first foray into social media.  I do not consider this blog “social media” as I am not socializing with anyone here.  I say what I say then I go away.  My issue is I am not sure I want to link my blog with my twitter, and vice versa.  Anonymity is the spice of life…and also allows me to keep my opinions varied here on my blog without future employers knowing how I really feel.  However, on twitter, there’s my name, my picture, and everything.  So, we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll link them, maybe I won’t, but mostly I am sure none of you care.



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2 responses to “Red Bird Blue Bird

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  1. That is a great picture- must be an omen…hmm.

  2. Awesome pic. Also very cool of original hawk.

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