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I am hesitant to be writing a new blog entry so soon after last week, as I feel like I have been temporarily robbed of my humor (if I even ever had any), cynical insight, and acute ability to gab about nonsense.  I know though that this is temporary, and that this too shall pass.  I only wish my friend John had allowed whatever he felt was ailing him to pass as well…another minute, another hour, another day, and maybe he would have seen past the moment.

So in light of trying to see past things, I am trying to see past why some clown in Venice Beach, California, is using my name on twitter.  I mean, WTF?  I am not on fb, or any other social media…yet.  But I am starting to look into it.  My non-political future may well require that I have these social media tools in order to reach out to “my people,” whoever they may be.  So I go try to register my name, in various forms…all taken.  But the guy in Venice Beach really has my name, and that’s the one I want.  He has only twittered once, he has hardly any followers…so it’s like, why bother?  Just give it up guy.  So I found him, I thought, online…and I called him at work, figuring maybe we could come to some sort of agreement.  He apparently no longer works there or never worked there.  Ha, the guy can’t even hold down a job and he’s running around on twitter using my name.  That is just bad for business.

Luckily for me I have an enforcer in southern California.  This person at various times has been my protector during my formative years, the bouncer at my parties, collecting the obligatory $5 for a solo cup and access to the kegs…and he is also my brother, most of the time.  I think I may send him up north to Venice Beach to find this “twit” using my name.  We’ll see how he likes tweeting about that.

I no doubt will be hash tagging my name all over the internet in short order.  Be ready.

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