Sunday Funday   1 comment

That phrase was coined many a Sunday ago, with a long time dear friend, missed everyday.

I need to channel her now, because I am on fire and need to cool off. I got up this morning at 5:45AM for my second to last bike race of the season (the last race I entered in June, I crossed the finish line in an ambulance on the way to the ER after a bad crash – not my fault). It was supposed to be fun today. It was anything but. I didn’t get much further than the start line due to a recurring technical issue I have been having with my bike…we aren’t getting along these days.  So, after the race went off without me, I stuck around to watch my teammates finish, they all did well.


I then went on my regular weekend group ride an hour later. I at least did well there, getting away from the pack for a while with one other rider. That was fun. That’s where the fun ended. I rode home alone after the group ride. A car came whizzing by me on a major road, with plenty of room on the road for him, he chose to come within half a foot of me. So, I gave him the finger…that’s right, THE FINGER. He saw that, because shortly thereafter he pulled to the side of the road and stopped. I rolled up to his car, ready for anything. I was ready to throw my bike in his face if I had to. But instead, he and I spoke and he apologized after I explained he was wrong and I was right.

Next, I get home, and here is where it all fell apart. My neighbor’s dogs. They bark. All day long. So as I was coming in through my back door, they were barking, and they are little ratty dogs, so they yap. It was ear piercing. Her back door was open too, her screen door the only thing keeping these oversized rats inside. She sees me, and does nothing to stop her dogs from barking. Nothing.


If I could strangle my neighbor, I would. But my religion forbids it. Maybe if I pushed her out her apartment window I would feel better…but she and I live on the first floor, so that wouldn’t do much damage. I could lure her to the roof…if I grabbed up one of her rat dogs…she would have to come up to the roof and try and rescue the thing. But I doubt she could make it up the four flights of stairs, she’s large and in charge…no wonder she lives on the ground floor.

So, I am left with blogging about my “feelings.” Now I feel a little better. Making fun of her and her shit dogs has turned my day around. I actually have no problem with her dogs…it’s her, and her lack of concern for ME. I can’t stand the barking, and she doesn’t care. Well, I am now writing a letter to the management company…that’ll learn her something. If that doesn’t work, I will have to consult with my spiritual leader.

To be continued…

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  1. There is lot of material here. No doubt that it was a tough day. Hopefully you’re feeling better and looking forward to the next race. Don’t kick to dogs!

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