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I have been remiss in not posting this picture sooner. This event took place last summer, an encounter I will never forget. I finally met a man I had dreamed of meeting, and yet, never knew I would ever have the chance to meet.


His name is Vincent “Buddy” Cianci. He has his own pasta sauce, his own radio show, his own car and driver, and is a convicted felon. He will tell you these things himself, unprompted. He is the former Mayor of Providence, serving over 21 years, in two separate stints.

The way we get to meeting “Buddy” is long and drawn out. Spare me some leeway, and I will explain.

My second marriage ceremony, to the same beautiful woman, took place on Block Island. The location, known as the Spring House, is owned by Frank DiBiase, a childhood friend of the former Mayor’s. In hind sight, I should have tried to get Buddy to officiate our second ceremony…maybe when we renew for our 10 yr. Anyway, being a frequent visitor to the Spring House, with its beautiful views and superb food, we got to know the owner, Frank. Along the way, we must have shared stories with him. One of my stories being my grandfather serving as a Providence City Councilman for over 20 years back in the 60’s and 70’s. Frank referenced his relationship with Buddy Cianci, the “Prince of Providence.” I told Frank I’d love to meet him one day. Well, Frank picked up the phone, called Buddy, and decided to let my wife speak with him right then and there. Ha.

This took place a few years ago. Fast forward to last year, Buddy wrote a book, “Politics and Pasta,” which I read quickly. I saw Frank that spring, at the Spring House, and asked if he could get my book signed by the Mayor. He said of course. As the summer rolled on, I kept forgetting to bring the book up with me. Until Labor Day weekend. For whatever reason, I packed the book. And on that long weekend, wife and I stopped by the Spring House to see Frank. He was not there. On our way back into town, there was Frank, on his moped. I literally ran over to him. I said, Frank, I’ve got my book for you to get autographed by the Mayor…I will never forget what Frank said to me next…he said, get it signed yourself, he is on my back deck now. Buddy was ON Block Island…I was literally shaking. I was finally going to meet this man. Wife and I hopped in our car, followed Frank back to the Spring House, and went to Frank’s private home behind the Spring House. As we approached his back deck, Frank called out “Buddy…you’ve got a visitor, he wants you to sign his book.” And with that…Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci comes around the corner, and I had a date with destiny! I shook his hand, told him I was a big fan, and he said “well come over, sit down, let’s chat.” My wife, Frank, myself, and the Mayor sat and talked for about an hour, about all sorts of things, but mostly I wanted to hear what it was like being Mayor, and his general impressions on politics and politicians. He is a very bright man.

Needless to say, I got my book signed, along with a personal note on the inside cover. I look forward to seeing him again on the Island…we just missed him this 4th of July…Frank told us the day after that Buddy had been there. But now I am not worried…next time around meeting him, I will get him to agree to campaign for me on his radio show.  What I am running for I have no idea yet…but that’s not important right now.

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