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So, I’ve really done it.  10,000 miles on a bike.  Not in a week, or a month.  Not even a year.  This took me 2 years and some change.  But just this past week, I accomplished something that wasn’t even a goal (It’s interesting, to me, writing that I’ve achieved something I didn’t set out to achieve in the first place). It’s more of a milestone.  A 10,000 milestone.  This happens to coincide nicely with another milestone of mine some of you may be familiar with.   In August, the second anniversary of my new life will be here.  The old life was, well…something of a mess.  A giant mess.  Before I took charge of what was left of my life in August of 2011, I lost a lot that I won’t ever get back.  Frank Sinatra says “regrets, I’ve had a few” and well, so have I, who hasn’t? I’m not going to throw myself a pity party.  I’m going to keep biking, cooking, and soon, I’ll run for office.  I’ll win.  Then later on I’ll undoubtedly be caght up in some scandal.  I wont be charged with any crime, but I’ll have to leave office, disgraced.  A year later, I’ll be back, but this time ill just do the lecture tour, charging groups like alumni associations and high school graduations to hear me speak about values.  That’s what I envision, sounds great, yes?


There was a lot that went into what saved me from myself (you all know who you are), I’m blessed in so many ways.  One thing is certain, were it not for those that decided for me that I had had enough, I wouldn’t be here typing that I’ve just ridden 10,000 miles on a bike…I just simply wouldn’t be here, period.  Thank you isn’t enough, there is no word that captures the extent of my gratitude to those that intervened.  My thanks, the only way I can show my appreciation for what’s been done for me, is to be here, in the present, able to continue writing this silly blog, continue riding my silly bike, and cooking Bolognese for those in need. When I’m elected, ill hand out favors to those most needy of you.  Maybe that’s the scandal ill get swept up in…bribes and kickbacks.  Most likely that’s not enough (even though my Bolognese is pretty damn good), but for now it will have to do.



It is 8 years today since my mother passed into Heaven…that is almost as long as it took for me to get the degree I am holding in my hand in the pic above….I know I made my parents proud…their last child Graduate…all 7 of us got degrees, some took longer than others…thats okay.  I know she is watching over me, most especially these last few years.  I love you and miss you Mom!


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  1. awesome journey! congrats on the 10k and more importantly the 2 years!!! but we arent there yet! one day at a time, right my friend? thank you for the reminder to be grateful everyday for what we have.

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