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Somebody told me recently that they enjoyed my blog…I politely reminded them that I hadn’t written an entry in quite some time, and it just now dawned on me that I really didn’t digest the compliment at all.  So thank you, lone reader, who shall remain anonymous.

I am currently looking into an African safari…if anyone has ever been to Africa, please feel free to comment.


I think I would enjoy the wild Serengeti…to be honest, my only encounter with the word Serengeti is from that Toto song “Africa”…something about Kilimanjaro and rain in Africa.  Anyway, as it turns out, the Serengeti is a huge ecosystem, spanning some 12,000 square miles, twice the size of Connecticut.  You can see the big 5 at this place…big 5 being the big 5 game in Africa, they are lions, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.  I am an animal lover, and should this trip materialize, I will be beside myself with excitement.  My traveling companion (aka the Wife), however, will be less thrilled.  Our trip to the Bronx Zoo several years ago failed to spark much interest in her, nor did she enjoy much our trip to the San Diego Zoo a few months back…so flying 16 hours to a “supersize me” Bronx Zoo in Africa will go over like cold pancakes and soggy bacon.  There is a bonus, in that this “tent” we would be staying at comes with its own jacuzzi and massage service, where undoubtedly she will spend much of her time as I track down these wild animals using nothing but my wild animal radar prowess.

In unrelated news, I broke my finger in a bike race several weeks back.  Ouch.  I was 6 miles from the finish line of an 80 mile race.  I will spare you the gross pictures.  In a miraculous turn of events, my bike was not damaged in the least.  Considering we crashed going 31MPH (my bike computer told me this), I am quite lucky my bike did not disintegrate on impact.  Luckier still am I, being that the other rider who crashed broke her hip.  I was able to limp away.  Of course the rider who caused the crash was able to finish the race…no hard feelings (lie).

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  1. I believe I was the “lone reader who shall remain anonymous.”
    But in actuality, Id have appreciated a shout out!

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