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They say the First Step is admitting you have a problem…



I’ll admit it…I have a problem.  The problem is when I go to the store, and these beauties are on sale…sometimes 2 for $6, and on special occasions, 2 for $5!!!  I simply just can’t help myself.  There is another problem, sometimes, to the 2 for $5.  At ShopWrong, (aka ShopRite), they limit you to 4 cartons when on sale….can you believe that?  Well, SloppyShop (Stop n Shop) has no such limit, but you have to be alert to these sales, as I am, otherwise greedy shoppers will clean the shelves before I can get my paws on them.

So, if you find yourself walking down the freezer section of any fine establishment that carries Fat Free Breyer’s…be sure to see if they are on sale…and if they are…..KEEP WALKING!


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