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So, last week was the Block Island Triathlon, ¼ mile ocean swim, 12 mile bike, and a 4….count them, FOUR mile beach run.  Well, the wife, the brother (one of them at least), and I all participated.  It was a boatload of fun, especially the part that put me in a chiropractors office the following Monday along with a complimentary day off work.  My guess is the run was the culprit, seeing as I ran MAYBE 4 times in preparation for this event.  Oh well.  Here’s a picture.

A HUGE thank you to all the family and friends that were there to cheer the three of us on!

Saturday it was time to bring my baby home, back to Bellingham, Massachusetts, where it all began.  Wife and I packed up the car with her ashes, all of her toys, and some other things Tica’s breeder could put to good use with her many other dogs.  The timing of this visit could not have been better, as the below pictures and video would indicate.

I am coming home with you, make room please.


I don’t plan these things, they just happen.  One batch, as I like to call them, was just turning 8 weeks old….prime adoption age.  The other, slightly older and more rambunctious batch, just turned 12 weeks old, you can see two of them in the background above.

My heart still broken from Tica’s absence, this trip provided me with such joy and an abundance of smiles that I had not had in a while.  Some of you may think that I now have a new little munchkin running around my apartment.  Hmmm.  But which one would you choose?    That’s the hard part.  When we got there, the puppies immediately turned their attention to wife’s dress…the length of which was JUST out of reach for them…so they had to “jump” a bit to get at it.

Lauren gets a nice greeting: here

Mission accomplished.  Hilarity ensues.

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