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One at a time please!   1 comment

So I’m at the Mrs. doctor lady’s office yesterday…and while I sat in the little room with the little examining table and little bright light for inspections, I peeked out of the corner of my eye another staple in any respectable doctor’s office, a scale.

If you read at all this blog, you may recall the beauty and sometime highlight of my evenings, the big bowl of ice cream.  Well, this ice cream does not magically evaporate from my waistline quite as quickly as you would think.  So, as I sat there waiting for Mrs. doctor lady, in a modest state of undress, I casually made my way to this scale…

That shit is broken!   Not only that, but as I was making adjustments  while standing on it, because clearly it was malfunctioning at the that moment…but as I was just about through, in walks Mrs. doctor lady and her sidekick, nurse lady with her laptop.  Woops.

Chuckles ensue.  Not from me though.  Gotta quit that ice cream.



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