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I feel like I just won the lottery, again!

FIRST, I got into that bike race in Italy….but now, compared to what just happened, going to Italy might as well be like a trip to the dentist…I just had my FIRST BELGIAN WAFFLE!!!  And in was fantastic.  Now you all won’t have to suffer through any more of my bemoaning these delightful, albeit elusive (to me at least) treats from across the way.

Yes, indeed, this waffle was covered in chocolate, strawberries, double-secret whipped cream, and of course, maple syrupy goodness.

We even had creeps to boot.  Jambon, with cheese and egg.  Mmm mmm, good.  I felt like a heifer by the time we left, thankfully I went biking beforehand.  Truthfully, we should have biked TO waffle heaven in order to maximize our calorie output/intake ratio.

Here’s a pic of how I want to be remembered:

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