No Belgian Waffles In America!!   Leave a comment

Okay, so we left off last with my better half and I taking off on an odyssey to experience European Bliss, i.e. Belgian Waffles and creepy Crepes at this nouveau riche French American brasserie, or here in the States, simply a cheese shop that sells other stuff.

Because we had tried and failed to accomplish this seemingly simple task previously both here and abroad,  I had the forethought to call ahead to confirm with the fancy cheese shop that all systems were a go, and we could have waffle yumminess upon our arrival. It wasn’t meant to be. Insert frown face here. Of all the kitchen equipment to fail that day, and this place has a bunch of kitchen equipment, of all the items that could fail and did fail, it was the waffle maker. Yes, on what was to be a glorious calorie-gouge-fest, the piece de resistance crapped out.

I’m about to give up on this waffle nonsense and just stick with what works. You may ask what works…or you may not ask, but I’ll tell you anyway. Four pop-tarts, that’s what. Two strawberry frosted, and two cinnamon-chocolate frosted. Mmmmm.

I’ll tell you another thing you may not care to hear…this fancy cheese shop is getting dangerously close to something bad, I don’t know what yet, but it’ll be bad, I assure you. Fix the damn waffle maker, monsieur…tout de suite!


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