Belgian Waffles in America!!   1 comment

So not so long ago, my wife and I travelled 3500 miles so I could bike 68 miles.  Does that make sense?  Well, I’ll tell you what makes less sense…travelling 3500 miles to a country that promotes waffling, with their very own “Belgian” waffle, only to be rebuffed at every cafe, because we two lazy Americans strolled into these “cafe’s” waaayy past waffling time (which is 10AM apparently, who eats breakfast before then!!??)

We managed to eat crepes (pronounced creep, I think)….this was authentic goodness to be sure….but the waffles eluded us, for 6 days in a row!!

Now I don’t really know what the difference is between an American waffle and a Belgian waffle, but TODAY wifey and I are going to find out!!  We are going to travel 12 miles, count ’em, 12 miles to taste Belgian waffles, right here in our very own America.  I can’t wait!  No passsport necessary, no French speaking necessary…to be honest, the only French I spoke in Belgium was “parlez-vous anglais?”  which translates “I don’t care enough to learn any part of your language because I am a lazy American, do you happen to speak English?”  More often than not, that is where the conversation ended….maybe that’s why we couldn’t find Belgian waffles in Belgium??

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  1. Actually, Mr. World Traveler, Belgian waffles are more of an afternoon treat than a morning breakfast food. Maybe you should stick to your healthy diet of Capn Crunch and skim milk.

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