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I am going to have to update my “Status” from unemployable….to newly hired!!  That’s right, there’s no typo in that, I have a job!  Now, remind me again what a job is?  It’s been a while since I’ve “worked” or whatever….is it like riding a bike?

More importantly, with my newfound money, what premium package should I choose for my new car, do I really need OnStar?  And about my trip to Italy over Christmas, is Business Class really worth it?  These are the choices I am losing sleep over!  Truth be told, I am very excited to get out of this nasty routine of yelling at Drew Carey everyday on The Price is Right, and making fun of the newscasters on News 12.  I mean, it’s just so easy….look at them!

But don’t fret….not only am I upgrading my ride, I will also be upgrading this blog with fancy colors and letters, which costs extra.  Yay.  Luckily for me, the “job” is close to home.  I won’t be too far from my pop tarts.

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