I earned a dessert!   2 comments

Last week, I joined LinkedIn.  This was done to further my job opportunities and broaden my “connections.”  I do not do facebook, and for a reason.  Is there such a thing as being too connected?  I do not need everyone knowing my status.  Everyone I care about knows my status, “Unemployed.”  I would like to update that status to “Employed,” so I joined LinkedIn, where, presumably, work may be found.

Well, so far, it seems eerily similar to facebook….I find myself having to approve or accept these invitations…what happens if I don’t accept your invitation?  Do you blacklist me?  Put a “frown” face next to my name on some list?  So far, I’m up to 19 connections…some of these people I am not sure I know, but out of fear of reprisal I accept these invitations.  I am going to have to draw a line in the sand somewhere….maybe 25 connections, and that’s it!  I’ll have to put a “Full” emoticon next to my name so people know I am booked up.

So last night I went for a bike ride with my group, we ride twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but we are losing daylight so I won’t have too many more nights of this.  My little bike computer gizmo told me I burned 1049 calories based on my heartrate/speed/distance.  So, I quickly arranged it so I could replace those “lost” calories immediately.  Please see below.

Fat Free goodness...well, not really fat "free"

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2 responses to “I earned a dessert!

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  1. So you had all if that in your cabinets?

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