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I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather in New York was awesome, and continues to delight today.  Some of you may have off for the “CC” Holiday today, Christopher Columbus to most of us.  I’ll give you a hint as to why we have off as a holiday…”1-4-9-2.”  No, that is not the combination to my gym locker…if you know me at all, you know I don’t have a gym locker, I simply wear all my gear at all times while at the gym!  Therefore, no need for a locker, or lock.  And when I say “We” have off today, I add that “I” have had off since last September!

I had to laugh out loud this morning as my wife told me to take it easy today.  She is in Boston for work, and we spoke over the phone.  I am currently fighting a cold, and I guess I sound pretty bad over the phone.  Since I haven’t worked in 13 months, I don’t think it’s possible for me to take it any easier without becoming part of the furniture.

I picked up my nephew and his friend from the Deadmau5 concert in NYC last night.  While parked outside Roseland, I witnessed spoiled youth at its best.  Kids stumbling out of the venue, being refused entry back in…then picking fights with security…getting tossed on the sidewalk…oh, the good old days.  I too was once “escorted” from Roseland….I thought they were taking me to the VIP room…not so much.  Anyway, I attached a quick video of what appears to be, well, I don’t know, but “it” came out of Roseland.  And if you are having trouble pronouncing Deadmau5…its not “Deadmau-five”, as you would believe according to the spelling, its pronounced Deadmaus, so the 5 becomes an S.  I guess we can interch8nge letter5 and numb3rs now.  Sweet.

Well, I am going to take it easy now, I have done way too much already.

what is it?

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