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Good morning.  As all two of you who read yesterday’s post may recall….I was in the midst of a new job opportunity when all hell broke loose, I was losing my cell phone, missing calls and opportunities, and I had no “Hot or Cold” water to cleanse myself.  Well, not much has changed, except for the water, I have plenty of that now…hot, mild, chilled, and cold.  As for the job…it turns out the company is a legal firm and they are a “debt collector.”  Hmmm.  This could all have been a ruse to get me on the phone, as I routinely dodge “debt collector” calls, don’t we all?  So when a debt collector calls me, disguised as a new job, I take pause.  Nevertheless, I called back.  No word yet….so we will all have to sit tight until I hear from this debt collector.  Ha.

Moving on, I was able to persuade (manipulate) Sprint into turning my cell back on yesterday without giving them one dime.  That’s right, my story of woe had them all weepy with me.  But at the end of the day, they gave me just that, to the end of the yesterday to cough up the dough or I would be shut down once again.  Well, I am pleased to report that right now, you can dial my number and it will go through.  I cannot call you of course, you have to take the first step…that’s because I can’t make any outgoing calls.  They weren’t kidding.  The end of the day really means just that.

So to recap, I have a debt collector calling me about a job, but I can’t call them back because I cannot pay the debt I owe Sprint.


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