Does no Hot or Cold water mean no water at all?   1 comment

This morning I awoke to a sign posted in the vestibule of my building stating the general sentiments above….so, maybe there is warm or mild water available?  Doubtful.  Not only do I no longer have Hot or Cold water (aka NO WATER), but I have no cell phone service either, thanks to a $500 unpaid bill.  Interestingly, though, I have no credit card to pay that bill because my bank cancelled my bank card.  Why?  Because, that’s why.

Someone in West Virginia went on a Walmart shopping spree using my credit card info yesterday, and Chase being so on the ball, realized I live in New York, and that I’ve never been to West Virginia, that I hardly know where West Virginia is, other than it is presumably “west” of real Virginia.  So, they closed my account, called me, and told me a new card is in the mail and that my funds are accessible by ATM only.  Well, Sprint doesn’t take cash…and if they did, I would be a bit suspicious…

As luck and fate would have it, as I mentioned in my “About Me” section, I am unemployed, and of all the days I have been looking for work and no one calls me, today, yes today, when the message on my phone says “Number Not in Service at this time (aka he didn’t pay his bill, he is irresponsible and broke),” on this day, just minutes ago I get an email from a company, stating IN their email that they tried to call me this morning…but that my number was disconnected.  So, do I email them back and try to explain my predicament, or do I just wait to have someone with a valid credit card pay my bill, so that I can return this potential employers phone call like a real adult who has cell phone service?  Really, I mean, really?

So, that’s it for my inaugural post.  More to follow as I am sure I will have more exciting updates throughout the day….

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One response to “Does no Hot or Cold water mean no water at all?

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  1. I would like you to know, the shopping spree was not just frivolous items. I also purchased new boxer briefs as well as toilet paper. (the good kind, nice and soft)

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