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Belgian Waffles in America!!   1 comment

So not so long ago, my wife and I travelled 3500 miles so I could bike 68 miles.  Does that make sense?  Well, I’ll tell you what makes less sense…travelling 3500 miles to a country that promotes waffling, with their very own “Belgian” waffle, only to be rebuffed at every cafe, because we two lazy Americans strolled into these “cafe’s” waaayy past waffling time (which is 10AM apparently, who eats breakfast before then!!??)

We managed to eat crepes (pronounced creep, I think)….this was authentic goodness to be sure….but the waffles eluded us, for 6 days in a row!!

Now I don’t really know what the difference is between an American waffle and a Belgian waffle, but TODAY wifey and I are going to find out!!  We are going to travel 12 miles, count ’em, 12 miles to taste Belgian waffles, right here in our very own America.  I can’t wait!  No passsport necessary, no French speaking necessary…to be honest, the only French I spoke in Belgium was “parlez-vous anglais?”  which translates “I don’t care enough to learn any part of your language because I am a lazy American, do you happen to speak English?”  More often than not, that is where the conversation ended….maybe that’s why we couldn’t find Belgian waffles in Belgium??

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Breaking News!   Leave a comment

I am going to have to update my “Status” from unemployable….to newly hired!!  That’s right, there’s no typo in that, I have a job!  Now, remind me again what a job is?  It’s been a while since I’ve “worked” or whatever….is it like riding a bike?

More importantly, with my newfound money, what premium package should I choose for my new car, do I really need OnStar?  And about my trip to Italy over Christmas, is Business Class really worth it?  These are the choices I am losing sleep over!  Truth be told, I am very excited to get out of this nasty routine of yelling at Drew Carey everyday on The Price is Right, and making fun of the newscasters on News 12.  I mean, it’s just so easy….look at them!

But don’t fret….not only am I upgrading my ride, I will also be upgrading this blog with fancy colors and letters, which costs extra.  Yay.  Luckily for me, the “job” is close to home.  I won’t be too far from my pop tarts.

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I earned a dessert!   2 comments

Last week, I joined LinkedIn.  This was done to further my job opportunities and broaden my “connections.”  I do not do facebook, and for a reason.  Is there such a thing as being too connected?  I do not need everyone knowing my status.  Everyone I care about knows my status, “Unemployed.”  I would like to update that status to “Employed,” so I joined LinkedIn, where, presumably, work may be found.

Well, so far, it seems eerily similar to facebook….I find myself having to approve or accept these invitations…what happens if I don’t accept your invitation?  Do you blacklist me?  Put a “frown” face next to my name on some list?  So far, I’m up to 19 connections…some of these people I am not sure I know, but out of fear of reprisal I accept these invitations.  I am going to have to draw a line in the sand somewhere….maybe 25 connections, and that’s it!  I’ll have to put a “Full” emoticon next to my name so people know I am booked up.

So last night I went for a bike ride with my group, we ride twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but we are losing daylight so I won’t have too many more nights of this.  My little bike computer gizmo told me I burned 1049 calories based on my heartrate/speed/distance.  So, I quickly arranged it so I could replace those “lost” calories immediately.  Please see below.

Fat Free goodness...well, not really fat "free"

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Taking it easy…   Leave a comment

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather in New York was awesome, and continues to delight today.  Some of you may have off for the “CC” Holiday today, Christopher Columbus to most of us.  I’ll give you a hint as to why we have off as a holiday…”1-4-9-2.”  No, that is not the combination to my gym locker…if you know me at all, you know I don’t have a gym locker, I simply wear all my gear at all times while at the gym!  Therefore, no need for a locker, or lock.  And when I say “We” have off today, I add that “I” have had off since last September!

I had to laugh out loud this morning as my wife told me to take it easy today.  She is in Boston for work, and we spoke over the phone.  I am currently fighting a cold, and I guess I sound pretty bad over the phone.  Since I haven’t worked in 13 months, I don’t think it’s possible for me to take it any easier without becoming part of the furniture.

I picked up my nephew and his friend from the Deadmau5 concert in NYC last night.  While parked outside Roseland, I witnessed spoiled youth at its best.  Kids stumbling out of the venue, being refused entry back in…then picking fights with security…getting tossed on the sidewalk…oh, the good old days.  I too was once “escorted” from Roseland….I thought they were taking me to the VIP room…not so much.  Anyway, I attached a quick video of what appears to be, well, I don’t know, but “it” came out of Roseland.  And if you are having trouble pronouncing Deadmau5…its not “Deadmau-five”, as you would believe according to the spelling, its pronounced Deadmaus, so the 5 becomes an S.  I guess we can interch8nge letter5 and numb3rs now.  Sweet.

Well, I am going to take it easy now, I have done way too much already.

what is it?

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Happy Friday   Leave a comment

Good morning.  As all two of you who read yesterday’s post may recall….I was in the midst of a new job opportunity when all hell broke loose, I was losing my cell phone, missing calls and opportunities, and I had no “Hot or Cold” water to cleanse myself.  Well, not much has changed, except for the water, I have plenty of that now…hot, mild, chilled, and cold.  As for the job…it turns out the company is a legal firm and they are a “debt collector.”  Hmmm.  This could all have been a ruse to get me on the phone, as I routinely dodge “debt collector” calls, don’t we all?  So when a debt collector calls me, disguised as a new job, I take pause.  Nevertheless, I called back.  No word yet….so we will all have to sit tight until I hear from this debt collector.  Ha.

Moving on, I was able to persuade (manipulate) Sprint into turning my cell back on yesterday without giving them one dime.  That’s right, my story of woe had them all weepy with me.  But at the end of the day, they gave me just that, to the end of the yesterday to cough up the dough or I would be shut down once again.  Well, I am pleased to report that right now, you can dial my number and it will go through.  I cannot call you of course, you have to take the first step…that’s because I can’t make any outgoing calls.  They weren’t kidding.  The end of the day really means just that.

So to recap, I have a debt collector calling me about a job, but I can’t call them back because I cannot pay the debt I owe Sprint.


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Does no Hot or Cold water mean no water at all?   1 comment

This morning I awoke to a sign posted in the vestibule of my building stating the general sentiments above….so, maybe there is warm or mild water available?  Doubtful.  Not only do I no longer have Hot or Cold water (aka NO WATER), but I have no cell phone service either, thanks to a $500 unpaid bill.  Interestingly, though, I have no credit card to pay that bill because my bank cancelled my bank card.  Why?  Because, that’s why.

Someone in West Virginia went on a Walmart shopping spree using my credit card info yesterday, and Chase being so on the ball, realized I live in New York, and that I’ve never been to West Virginia, that I hardly know where West Virginia is, other than it is presumably “west” of real Virginia.  So, they closed my account, called me, and told me a new card is in the mail and that my funds are accessible by ATM only.  Well, Sprint doesn’t take cash…and if they did, I would be a bit suspicious…

As luck and fate would have it, as I mentioned in my “About Me” section, I am unemployed, and of all the days I have been looking for work and no one calls me, today, yes today, when the message on my phone says “Number Not in Service at this time (aka he didn’t pay his bill, he is irresponsible and broke),” on this day, just minutes ago I get an email from a company, stating IN their email that they tried to call me this morning…but that my number was disconnected.  So, do I email them back and try to explain my predicament, or do I just wait to have someone with a valid credit card pay my bill, so that I can return this potential employers phone call like a real adult who has cell phone service?  Really, I mean, really?

So, that’s it for my inaugural post.  More to follow as I am sure I will have more exciting updates throughout the day….

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